• Non-invasive

    OxyPrem uses harmless light (more on NIRS) to determine absolute haemoglobin oxygen saturation in any human tissue.

  • Reusable

    OxyPrem is a reusable device which offers better clinical care due to its high quality, while substantially reducing waste.

  • Precise

    With its excellent performance in repeated placement and its high reading certainty, OxyPrem sets new standards in precision.

  • Reliable

    High-quality components and advanced algorithms allow for superior reliability, especially in low-perfusion environments.

  • Easy-to-use

    Several easy ways to attach OxyPrem to the patient (bandages, CPAP, ...).
    Simple disinfection using alcoholic wipes.

  • Comfortable

    OxyPrem's glue-free fixation preserves the skin, and its very soft silicone hull is highly comfortable to wear.

  • Versatile

    OxyPrem can be used in any patient at the risk of hypoxia and on any body part which is at least 30 mm thick.

  • Cost efficient

    Since OxyPrem is reusable, costs are reduced drastically when used routinely or over longer time periods.

Links to publications on OxyPrem and its predecessor devices: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4


OxyPrem at Swiss Innovation Forum

October 2019

OxyPrem will have a booth at the Swiss Innovation Forum 2019 at Congress Center Basel on Nov 21st.

In its 14th installment, the SIF will the "annual dose of inspiration" to attendees from science, industry and public bodies.

OxyPrem 1.4 gets CE mark

September 2019

The OxyPrem 1.4 tissue oximeter system has obtained the CE mark.

Thus, OxyPrem 1.4 may now be used in professional clinical environments. Our entire team is glad to have achieved this big milestone!

OxyPrem wins Venture Kick

August 2019

The OxyPrem team has successfully completed Venture Kick stage 3. After one year, the Venture Kick journey has come to an end and OxyPrem will receive an additional CHF 100'000.-- in funding.

The official announcement is here.

OxyPrem in MassChallenge and Innosuisse

May 2019

OxyPrem was selected for participation in MassChallenge Switzerland as well as Innosuisse's Core Coaching program.

More info on the programmes is available here and here.

OxyPrem wins Swiss Indian AIT award

April 2019

OxyPrem and our friends from Prediva are the Swiss Winners of the 2018/19 Academia-Industry Training (AIT) India programme.
Thank you to all participants and to Venturelab!

Read more here and here.

OxyPrem enters Wyss Zurich

February 2019

Wyss Zurich is a joint accelerator by University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, made possible by a generous donation by philantropist Dr. h.c. mult. Hansjörg Wyss.

Please visit our profile page here.

Uniscientia supports UZH and OxyPrem

December 2018

The UZH Faculty of Medicine has received a considerable donation by Uniscientia Foundation. It will be used to support OxyPrem.

Thank you for the encouragement from the entire team!

OxyPrem moves on in Venture Kick

November 2018

OxyPrem advances to Venture Kick stage II.

Thanks to the jury for the exciting session and the interesting questions and good feedback.

The official announcement is here.

OxyPrem in top 30 of 178 startups

September 2018

OxyPrem has reached the semifinals in the pitching battle of Startup Days 2018.

This puts OxyPrem on par with the English national team.

OxyPrem goes to India

September 2018

OxyPrem has successfully achieved participation in the VentureLab AIT India programme.

We will take part in a one-week visit to India in December to meet clinicians and industry partners.

OxyPrem gets venture kicked

August 2018

We are now part of Switzerland's well known Venture Kick programme.

Our team successfully completed the stage I pitch and will soon be heading for the "kickers camp" to prepare for stage II and exchange ideas with other founders.

The official announcement is here.

OxyPrem Press Coverage

May 2018

The UZH Annual Media Conference has brought about some press coverage:

For example here, here, here, here, here, and here.

A big thank you to all the journalists for the interesting questions and the good reporting!

Meet OxyPrem at Medtec Europe Stuttgart, April 17th-19th

April 2018

The OxyPrem team is heading for Stuttgart to establish production partnerships.

Please contact us to get in touch at the event.

Find additional information here:
Medtec Europe, Stuttgart 2018

Cooperation with Therapy Development Accelerator

February 2018

The OxyPrem team has started a collaboration with Zurich-based Therapy Development Accelerator (TDA).

The TDA expert team offers a wide range of knowledge, infrastructure, and services to push partnering projects forward.

Visit the TDA website for more information.

OxyPrem team obtains UZH BioEntrepreneur Fellowship

February 2018

Project OxyPrem is now part of the UZH BioEntrepreneur Fellowship program by the University of Zurich.

Find additional information here:
Fellowship information
List of Fellows

OxyPrem to present at Sachs Medtech & Digital Health Forum 2017

Aug 2017

OxyPrem will be part of this year's Rising Stars Start-Up Showcase of the Sachs MedTech & Digital Health Forum in Basel, Switzerland on Sep 25th, 2017.

Find additional information here:
5th Annual MedTech & Digital Health Forum


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