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Protecting Brain and
Vital Organ Health

in Neonates and Infants Worldwide 

Latest Technology
for Newborns

Advanced Algorithms

Reusable High-Precision Sensors

for Smallest Patients 

A Summary of

Just 5 minutes 

of inadequate oxygenation are enough to cause permanent brain damage. 

46% of survivors

of severe prematurity suffer from life-long consequences.

At OxyPrem, we provide precise and accurate brain oxygen monitoring, so that medical teams can react before damage occurs.

Latest News

Design Review 2 for NOAH completed

June 2024

The OxyPrem team is happy to announce that Design Review 2, one of the key milestones en route to MDR CE mark for OxyPrem NOAH, has been successfully completed. 

Third patent granted

June 2024 

The OxyPrem team is glad to announce that a third patent has been granted. It belongs to the Usability block of patent filings. 

This patent follows the first two of our patent portfolio, which have been granted in the USA and China as well as in Europe, respectively. 

Our Mission
Our non-invasive sensors offer real-time insight into tissue oxygen levels. This enables early intervention to prevent brain and other organ damage.

We are proud of our supporters

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More insights about our products.

Long-standing wish

A next-generation device for high-technology tissue oximetry has been a longstanding request by the clinical community.

Fragile patients

Premature children belong to the most vulnerable patient groups and require extra careful handling and treatment. 

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