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OxyPrem 1.4

Tissue Oximetry System

Newborn Brain Protection

Reusable 8-Wavelength Cerebal Oximeter

OxyPrem 1.4 uses harmless light (NIRS) to determine absolute haemoglobin oxygen saturation in human tissue.


OxyPrem 1.4 offers a two-year sensor lifetime and high component quality, while substantially reducing waste.


With its excellent performance in repeated placement and its high reading certainty, OxyPrem 1.4 achieves new levels in precision.


High component quality and advanced algorithms provide consistent readings, also across varying perfusion environments.

Perfusion independent

Due to OxyPrem 1.4's glue-free fixation, skin damage from adhesives is avoided. Its very soft silicone hull is made for comfortable wear.


OxyPrem 1.4 can be used in any patient at risk of hypoxia and on any body part which is at least 30 mm thick.


Since OxyPrem 1.4 is reusable, costs are reduced drastically when used routinely or over longer time periods.

Cost efficient

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What clinicians say about us and OxyPrem 1.4
Director of Neonatal Intensive Care,
Greek NICU

“…this piece of instrument will add significantly to the care of sick neonates.”

Head of the NICU
Swiss NICU

“OxyPrem AG shapes their products with great determination towards the real needs and harsh realities of neonatal intensive care units.”

Owner and CEO,
international medical device distribution

“The great benefit behind the OxyPrem probe is its reusable design.”

Associate Professor
Indian NICU

“…optimistic that this device will improve the care of neonates in the future.”

Chief Neonatologist
Spanish NICU

“…monitor is simple to use and gives easily to interpret information.”

Deputy Head Department of Neonatology
Polish NICU

“…What makes the sensor unique is that it is designed for multiple use.”

Deputy Head Division of Neonatology
Austrian NICU

“…high precision is of high importance for any future clinical application.“

Head of the NICU
Belgian NICU

“…certainly superior to the current systems on the market.”

The European Commission

“…has been developed just around the needs of the end users, taking into account the clinical and medical needs, and that the targeted market is vastly underserved…”

Watch the OxyPrem 1.4 intro video


Comparison of tissue oximeters on a liquid phantom

We made a blood-lipid phantom simulating the neonatal head to determine the relation between oxygenation values obtained by different oximeters.

Quantifying the effect of adipose tissue in muscle

We measured StO2 of a liquid phantom by 3 continuous wave (CW) oximeters (Sensmart Model X-100 Universal Oximetry System, INVOS 5100C, and OxyPrem v1.3), as well as a frequency-domain oximeter, OxiplexTS, through superficial layers with 4 different thicknesses

In vivo precision assessment in neonates

We estimated the precision of the OxyPrem tissue oximeter to be ≤ 1.85 %.

Comparison of tissue oximeters on a liquid phantom (extension)

We evaluated the NIRS oximeters FORE-SIGHT, NIRO and SenSmart, and reproduced previous results with the INVOS and OxyPrem v1.3 oximeters.

Coming soon:

OxyPrem NOAH.

Our sensor for the smallest of patients.
Learn more about our upcoming second product.
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