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A longstanding wish

In the late 2000s, a consortium of European neonatologists approached the Biomedical Optics Research Lab at the University of Zurich. They asked if it was possible to create a NIRS-based tissue oximeter specifically for newborns.

Team 2019

To the
Wyss Zurich to
spark progress

Soon after company foundation, OxyPrem headed for a three-year accelerator programme within the Wyss Zurich, which was fuelled by the renowned and tremendously successful Swiss medtech entrepreneur and philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss.

Launch of our first product

Our first CE marked product, OxyPrem 1.4, was launched within 12 months and obtained by 35 specialized hospitals across eight European countries and India.

With a little help from our friends

Along the way, we have received continuous support and endorsement from notable institutions such as Venture Kick, the Uniscientia Foundation, Venturelab, the European Union, Swissnex India, and many others. 

The steps ahead: Regulatory approval, market entry, and strategic partners

Our team is heading towards CE marking under MDR for our second product OxyPrem NOAH in early 2025 (FDA to follow).
Interest from the clinical field is promising after launch of OxyPrem 1.4 and the announcement of the NOAH, and pre-orders and letters of intent have been collected. In addition, conversations to strategic partners of several profiles are ongoing.

Further applications

Our field of activities combines the high versatility of NIRS with our high-precision technology. We address the continuously-increasing need for non-invasive, high-quality monitoring in various clinical applications across patient groups. As a result, usage extensions such as adult surgery or simultaneous monitoring of several vital parameters are pursued to broaden our stance in the medical field.  


Team members who were taking this picture (yes, all of them!) and are therefore not in it: Fabienne, Max, Romeer, Matija, Margrit, David, and Martin.

Further progress and achievements

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